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Digital Documents must be clear and properly named.

  • Acceptable File Formats: High-quality scans as PDFs, Microsoft Word, and Excel documents. 

  • Unacceptable File Formats: Photos and images, low-res scans, faxes, and Apple/Mac formats.

  • No Email Attachments: Use the Client Portal or Document Upload Tool (See Below)

Document Upload Tool

Easy and secure document uploads.
No sign-in is required.
SECURE: 256 Bit SSL, Encrypted Forms, PCI Certified, GDPR Compliant, spam protection, and form privacy.
This tool is handy when you need to send an occasional document securely.

However, we recommend requesting access to our secure
Client Portal and signing in to enjoy the full benefits of being able to send and receive documents and make payments online.
MOBILE & DESKTOP FRIENDLY: Works on desktop, tablet, and mobile. Can be used on most browsers, but works best with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.
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