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By engaging with our website, you agree to the terms and conditions of our Engagement Letter and Privacy Notice:


This Engagement Letter and Privacy Notice confirms the arrangements for tax return preparation, accounting, and consulting services—business and personal. The ACCOUNTANT refers to Pace Accounting and Tax Services, Inc. The CLIENT refers to the taxpayers. All tax returns are prepared for the CLIENT in accordance with appropriate tax laws and regulations. The CLIENTS' tax returns are prepared solely from the information provided by the CLIENT. This engagement letter covers all tax periods the ACCOUNTANT prepares for the CLIENT, including prior, current, and future. 

PRIVACY  All information is kept confidential. No one can obtain the CLIENT's information from the ACCOUNTANT without the CLIENT's permission, except for a government agency following due process of the law. The ACCOUNTANT collects nonpublic personal information about the CLIENT from the following sources: information received from the CLIENT on documents, organizers, worksheets the ACCOUNTANT uses in tax preparation or providing financial services, and other forms; information about your transactions with the ACCOUNTANT, the ACCOUNTANT's affiliates, and others; and information the ACCOUNTANT receives from a consumer reporting agency. The ACCOUNTANT does not disclose any nonpublic personal information about its customers or former customers to anyone except as required by law. The ACCOUNTANT restricts access to nonpublic information about the CLIENT to members of the ACCOUNTANT's firm who need to know that information to provide services to the CLIENT. The ACCOUNTANT maintains physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard the CLIENT's nonpublic personal information. 

FEES, LATE FEES, AND RETAINERS  All tax preparation and service fees are due and payable immediately upon completion. Tax returns will not be e-filed until payment is received. The ACCOUNTANT will charge Late Fees for invoices not paid within 15 days of the invoice date. A retainer is usually required to begin work for new CLIENTS, CLIENTS submitting more than one year of tax returns, CLIENTS with late payment history, CLIENTS requesting consultations, and at the ACCOUNTANTS discretion. 

FEES FOR PERSONAL CLIENTS  Please see the Fee Schedule posted in the office lobby or request a copy for current rates. CLIENT may request a quotation for services. TAX RETURN PREPARATION: The ACCOUNTANT's tax return preparation fees are priced on a per-form basis. Some forms, schedules, worksheets, consulting, and research are priced using an hourly rate. For CLIENTS with a complex tax situation or at the ACCOUNTANTS discretion, a retainer may be required. ADDITIONAL ACCOUNTING SERVICES: These services are priced using an hourly rate. Services include small business bookkeeping, tax consulting, tax planning, RMD calculations, audit prep and representation, amended tax returns, basis research for stocks/bonds or assets bought or sold, multi-state returns, and allocation of income and deductions. 

FEES FOR BUSINESS CLIENTS  The fees for business CLIENTS are based on a flat rate or hourly fee structure. The ACCOUNTANTS proposal will outline the fee structure determined to be best for the CLIENTS business. 

LETTERS  A fee is required to draft and write a letter at the CLIENT's request. The fee for this service is priced using an hourly rate, and a minimum is required. In addition, the ACCOUNTANT must have written authorization from the CLIENT to release any information to a third party. Please see the Fee Schedule posted in the office lobby or request a copy for current rates. CLIENT may request a quotation for services. 

IRS OR STATE LETTERS  If the CLIENT receives a government letter, it may be because the government requires additional information or clarification, or the CLIENT has underreported income. Official letters are time-sensitive. You must get in touch with the ACCOUNTANT immediately so we can determine the nature of the request. Additional fees may apply, billed at the ACCOUNTANT's hourly rate. If the ACCOUNTANT finds the error was that of the ACCOUNTANT, the ACCOUNTANT will correct the return at no charge to the CLIENT and pay any penalties and interest accrued from the date of the first notice received by the CLIENT. The ACCOUNTANT is not responsible for paying any taxes the CLIENT would have owed.

REVIEW OF YOUR RETURN Before signing the tax return, the CLIENT agrees to review their tax returns carefully. Tax Returns are prepared based on the information supplied by the CLIENT. Upon review, if the CLIENT notices any information that is not correct, the CLIENT will bring it to the attention of the ACCOUNTANT. The ACCOUNTANT takes great care to provide the CLIENT with a complete and accurate return to arrive at the lowest possible tax while complying with the tax law and requirements. Once filed, an amended tax return might be necessary if the CLIENT becomes aware of any under or overstatement of income, deductions, or other detail that will alter their tax liability. Should the CLIENT's tax return be selected for review by the IRS or State, a consultation with the ACCOUNTANT may be helpful to discuss how to proceed. Please get in touch with the ACCOUNTANT if you have any questions or concerns. 

The ACCOUNTANT is not responsible for erroneous deductions on the CLIENT's tax returns. The CLIENT provided this information from their records and has proof of all deductions and income. The CLIENT gives the ACCOUNTANT permission to prepare the CLIENT's tax returns. The CLIENT has read, understood, and agreed to the terms of this engagement letter. In addition, if applicable, the CLIENT has read and received the New York City Consumer Bill of Rights.

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