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Tax Preparation

Submit your tax documents in just a few easy steps.

Mail Your Tax Documents

Follow the instructions below:

STEP 1 - Gather Your Tax Documents

Include any documents that show income, income adjustments, deductions, credits, tax payments, or other related documents, including medical or charitable contributions; business income and expenses; child and dependent care expenses; rental income and expenses; unreimbursed employee expenses; vehicle expenses; or head of household expenses; you may need to fill out a worksheet.

Please remove and discard any envelopes and unnecessary items. Flatten all documents and paper clip statements. Tape or trim any torn items so they can be easily scanned. Then, place the documents in a neat and organized pile. 


You can find and download the required worksheets to include with your documents here:

Put your tax documents in a folder and go to Step 2. 

STEP 2 - Gather Your Identification Documents

You need to provide proof of identity for the primary taxpayer and spouse. Also, you need to provide proof of residence for any children or minor dependents:

  • Primary Taxpayer and Spouse - Provide a copy of your New York ID, front and back. 

  • Children & Minor Dependents - Provide a copy of an ID or document that ties your dependent to your home address. This could be a birth certificate, medical, or school record.


Note: We cannot pull your IDs from a prior year, even if they have not expired. This annual mandatory IRS requirement is due to increased tax-related identity theft.

Put your identity documents in that same folder and go to Step 3. 

STEP 3 - Fill out the Online Tax Preparation Checklist and attach your documents.

The Tax Preparation Checklist (TPC) is where you will enter and update your taxpayer and dependent information.  It will help you remember any critical tax documents you may have missed or forgotten. The TPC will communicate to your preparer how you want to receive your tax return, make payments, and receive refunds. 


  • Click the Download Form button below to download a fillable PDF form.

  • Print and fill out as instructed.

Or you can click the link below and fill out the online form version of the Tax Prep Checklist and mail your documents separately. 

Place the Tax Prep Checklist in the same folder and go to Step 4.

STEP 4 - Mail Your Documents

Mail your completed Tax Prep Checklist, identity, and tax documents to our office. We recommend the United States Postal Service (USPS) or UPS (United Parcel Post). We strongly recommend adding tracking to your package. Do not use FedEx. 


Mail to:

Pace Accounting & Tax Services Inc

6670 Queens Midtown Expressway

Maspeth, NY 11378

What Happens Next? 

Tax Preparer Review & Preparation

Your tax preparer will review your documents and contact you if they have any questions before finalizing your tax return. 

Sign, Pay, and E-file.

Upon completion, the Support Team will send you a copy of your return, your original documents, the e-file signature authorization forms and client agreement for signatures, and an invoice for payment of tax preparation services. 


Once all of your signature forms and payment in full have been received, your tax preparer will e-file your tax return.

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