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Submit Your Tax Documents in Just a Few Easy Steps

To Begin: Choose How You Want to Submit Your Tax Documents

Click one of the buttons below for full instructions. 

Other Important Information:
Tax Payments, Refunds, and Letters

Tax Payments - If you owe money to the IRS or a state, you have the following payment options: 

  • Electronic Withdrawal (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) - If you want to make payments using Electronic Withdrawal, you must advise your tax preparer before your tax return is e-filed. 

  • Online Payments - To pay the IRS, click here. To pay New York state, click here

  • Vouchers - Follow the instructions on the vouchers. Use the correct address, payment amount, and submit by the due date. 

  • Payment Arrangements - If you are unable to make a payment by its due date, for any reason, contact the IRS or state as soon as possible. A payment plan is strongly advised and will reduce the severity of any late payment penalties. 


Tax Refunds - If you are owed a refund from the IRS or a state, you will receive it by:


  • Electronic Deposit (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) - The IRS is expecting more COVID-related delays and is recommending direct deposit for faster payment. 

  • Mailed Check - The IRS will mail you a check if you have not set up direct deposit. 


Visit our Track My Refund page for links and phone numbers to the IRS and state agencies. 

  • IRS Refunds - The IRS estimates that refunds take about 21 days after the IRS has accepted your e-filed tax return.

  • State Refunds - State refunds vary by state and usually have a similar time frame as IRS refunds. 


Tax Letters - You may receive a letter from the IRS or state for various reasons. In most cases, the agencies are trying to verify information or they need additional information. Do not delay responding, as this will hold up any refunds. 

  • Assistance - If you need your tax preparer to help respond, you must first send a copy of the complete letter. Drop off a copy of the letter, upload a copy to your portal, or email it to your tax preparer. Once reviewed, your tax preparer will respond to you by email or phone. 

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