WARNING - Do not use FedEx for document delivery.

They are not hand-delivering documents inside our door. They are leaving packages outside our door exposed to the elements and easy theft. Use UPS and USPS—both offer signature and tracking services and secure delivery.

2020 Tax Season

File Your Taxes in 4 Easy Steps!

PLEASE NOTE: There are no in-person appointments due to COVID-19

Simply mail, portal, or drop off your documents and your preparer will contact you to review them. Lead-time is currently about 3+ weeks. Anything received after April 23 will most likely go on extension. The tax deadline has been extended to May 17.


Gather Your Documents

  • Gather all your documents and submit the following:

    • 2020 Tax Preparation Checklist​

    • All required worksheets mentioned on the checklist

    • Copies of your IDs—front and back

    • The exact amounts of any stimulus or EIP payments received in 2020 or early 2021 as both payments are rebates on your 2020 tax return—while not taxable they must be reported or it may delay the filing of your return and any refunds due.

    • All your tax documents

You can find the Tax Preparation Checklist and all the forms and worksheets needed in our Document Center. Most are available as downloadable and fillable PDF and Word documents.


Submit Your Documents

  • There are 3 ways to submit your documents:

    • Drop Off—Bring your documents to our office.

    • Mail—Send your documents via USPS or another carrier to our office.

    • Portal—Submit your documents via our newly updated Secure Online Portal.

NOTE:  Digital Documents MUST BE CLEAR.

  • File formats: We only accept these file formats: PDF, JPEG, PNG, XLS, DOC.

  • File names: All documents should be clearly named. 


Receive Your Return—Sign and Pay

  • There are 4 ways to sign your signature forms and pay:

    • ​Pickup—Get a printed copy of tax documents, sign, and pay at the office.

    • Mail—Have sent a printed copy of tax documents, then return signatures and check payment in the self-addressed envelope provided.

    • Secure Online Portal—Receive a PDF copy of tax documents, sign using an e-signature link and pay online.

    • Pay-By-Phone—Call the office to pay by debit or credit card. 

IMPORTANT: Tax Returns are not e-filed until signatures and payment have been received.


Tax Payments and Refunds

  • Tax Payments—If you owe money to the IRS or State, there will be vouchers included with your tax documents. There will be instructions that include the address, payment amount, and date due or you may make other arrangements with your tax preparer including Electronic Withdrawal.